Duolingo: The Unignorable Notification


Duolingo's mascot Duo is known for appearing in fun push notifications on users' phones reminding them of study time. To prove just how far the little owl is willing to go to encourage and help the students, the platform projected the world's largest push notification (with a size between 10 and 15 squared meters) on buildings in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to give them that 'push' to resume their streaks (counted in the app as the number of days in a row a student completes assignments).

After a search and posts asking for fan recommendations on the brand's social media profiles, some users were chosen - from more than 500 responses with nominations from all regions of the metropolis - to receive the giant personalized notifications. The surprise was organized with the help of family and friends, who were responsible for taking the students to their apartment windows. Outside, they found fun and customized notifications for each profile, projected on the sides of neighboring buildings, making them impossible to ignore.